Investment criteria

Monarch's basic investment principles include:

  • Innovative and distinctive concepts
    Potential client companies' products should be distinctive i.e. based on unique innovations or technology, and preferably protected by registered I.P. rights, copyright, patents etc..

  • Financial track record
    The company should be able to demonstrate a clear financial track record, as Monarch is not looking for startup companies.

  • On the same page with management
    Monarch is only interested in companies with strong current management that is able and willing to take the company to the next level. Monarch will also require management's financial commitment. We feel this is very important to ensure that ownership and management have the same goals, risks, rewards and commitments to avoid conflict of interest.

  • Same strategic outlook
    Monarch will look for a partner that has the same strategic outlook for short and long term goals, as well as an agreed-upon and clear exit route where applicable.

  • Netherlands based.
    Currently Monarch is focusing on Dutch companies, and is open to companies wishing to consider a North American connection.

Monarch does not have a set investment limit. For larger projects (> US $ 10 million) a joint approach with other investors can be arranged.

Monarch is able to make its decisions independently and promptly without outside parties.