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Vialle Autogas Systems B.V. is a leading manufacturer of autogas systems for the automotive sector. Vialle has developed a high-end liquid injection technique for fuel systems with no compromises in vehicle performance and considerable lower Co2 emissions.

Vialle is known worldwide for their innovative concepts and leading technology products. Vialle products are sold in every country where LPG or CNG are used as a fuel and where there is demand for quality economical solutions.

In 2013, Vialle was searching for additional capital for its expansion plans for export, in particular to the United States. In 2015, after a restructuring of the company, Monarch became the sole shareholder of Vialle.

In this new setting, Vialle is focusing on consolidating her position as leading technology in liquid injection for LPG, and opening new markets introducing high end solutions for LPG/CNG autogas sytems based on specific local needs and regulations.


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